Training and Development

Fidello Offers the following Curriculum Management Consulting services:

The following paragraphs explain how we work with clients to provide these services.

Curriculum Evaluation
The purposes of training curriculum evaluation are:

Working closely with client SMEs at every step, we adapt the following proven process (which we have used successfully to conduct competency-based curriculum analysis and development for several clients, including Tupperware Pacific, Michigan Consolidated Gas Company, First Security Corporation, Mastec, and the Golf Course Superintendents Association) to evaluate and, as indicated, re-design the target curriculum:


Curriculum Design/Re-Design

With Curriculum Evaluation and matrix complete, we work with the client team to analyze the data and recommend a course of action to bring the curriculum up to standard. The first step is to produce a Curriculum Analysis Report and Recommendations, which includes the following:

Through our Make vs. Buy Analysis and Recommendations service, we help clients decide upon the optimum course of action for filling curriculum gaps revealed in the curriculum evaluation. Here's how it works:

Custom Design of Learning Resources
Taken together, our consulting team has designed and developed, for our clients, hundreds of successful learning resources, including materials for traditional classroom courses, workbooks for action learning, self-paced study materials, and software for hundreds of hours of web-based instruction.

Therefore, when creation of custom learning resources is the best option for filling gaps – and when improvements in existing training are required, we apply our proven instructional design methodology as outlined here: